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Source: 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report

You probably have a personal Facebook account to keep in touch with family and friends, perhaps a Pinterest to look up DIY projects, or a YouTube account to watch viral cat videos – but do you know how to utilize these platforms for your nonprofit organization?

When it comes to nonprofit social media strategy, we know how to effectively reach new donors, grow your following, and hold their interest. Posts on Facebook Pages reach only about 2% of your followers, but with a proper social media plan, your following will spread the word for you – truly bringing out the ‘social’ aspect in social media marketing.

Non profit social media services

At Kause Digital we offer full services from planning to execution. We work with you to best understand your nonprofit’s needs before deciding on appropriate tactics. Based on your organization’s capabilities, we even offer just social media audits and competitive analyses services…providing a deeper dive on how to improve your nonprofit’s social presence.

Social media audits & competitive analyses
Through a comprehensive audit, we can assess your organization’s social media presence and provide solid insights on how to improve your channels. A competitive analysis will take a deeper dive into how your org stacks up against similar and aspirational organizations on social media.

Social media plan & strategy
From optimizing your social profiles to writing posts that integrate with your overall marketing plan, we’ll take your organic social media strategy to the next level. Whether your nonprofit is new to social media or already have a buzzing social presence, our integrated social media plan will improve donor engagement.

Social media implementation & management
Do you find yourself not having enough hours in a day to write social posts, create visuals, update your channels, respond to comments, and report on engagement metrics? That is where we come in. We’ll take these tedious tasks off your hands so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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